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Ai Takekawa

​武川 アイ

Until her late teens Ai had been honing her piano & guitar skills before emerging onto songwriting.

Rock is the base of her sound, onto which layered are the moving lyrics and epical melody that show off Ai’s strong and definite originality.

Since November 2009, Ai has released multiple J-POP singles while executing numerous live shows in Tokyo. Ai’s debut single “I WILL” was ranked No5 for 2 consecutive weeks in Billboard Japan Hot Top Airplay. Her 2nd single “Tooi Michino Sakide”, the Ending Theme of “Inuyasha-Final Episode”, was released on Mar 3, 2010.

In July 2010, Ai performed on the stage of Japan Expo, which took place in Paris, and she captivated an audience of more than a thousand people with her powerful performance.

Ai's latest music is a collaborative work with multinational trance DJs from all over the world including Qatar, Russia, Latvia, Norway, Indonesia, Germany, Poland and many more. She explores her new possibility by merging J-pop, trance and rock music into one borderless tune.

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